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By choosing JimMaloof/REALTOR®, you can tap into the area’s largest network of agents and support staff, plus have access to the best tech and marketing support. But more significantly, when you’re making one of the most important financial decisions of your life, working with an agent who is principled and loves their work for all the right reasons truly makes all the difference by helping you buy easier and sell faster.

Technology Current

When it comes to selling real estate, local means every home, on every block, in every neighborhood is unique and each deserves the attention, care, and consideration only a local company can offer.

JimMaloof/REALTOR® brings to the most up-to-date real estate information. With www.maloofrealty.com you have access to all homes for sale and all the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) listings throughout the Central Illinois area.

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Maximizing Online Exposure

More exposure means more page views, phone calls and more showings. That means shorter market times and higher overall selling prices.

By making listings easy and convenient to find online, we ensure our clients realize the greatest return on their investment in the shortest period of time. We understand how critical it is to maximize the exposure of every listing we put on the web.

If You Wait to List

  • You may miss the best buyer who is currently looking to buy
  • Cost of your next purchase might increase
  • There could be more competition on the market
  • Vacant homes continue to require monthly maintenance
  • Tax advantages of home ownership
  • Financing costs could increase
  • May end up with double house payment
  • Interest rates might increase
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Benefits of Listing

  • You will get greater public exposure for your home
  • Our agents are available at a moment’s notice
  • We have expertise to create enforceable contracts
  • Our agents have years of experience in negotiations
  • Our experience means we’re knowledgeable about competitive properties

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